My International Immersion to Vietnam was Amazing!

Each experience I had something different to offer, a different experience, and an interesting perspective as to how politics affects businesses large and small, public and private, or how the government affects the day to day lives of the people. The organized chaos on the Viet Nam roads, the over the top attention to detail-driven customer service, and the ability to make you feel like an object with all of the constant pitching on the streets, Viet Nam was an unmatched unlike any other experience I have ever had.

Mel DePaoli featured as a #LadyLeader: We idealize people who are famous, have a fancy title, or have a lot of money

As a culture, we tend to idealize people who are famous, have a fancy title, or have a lot of money. It’s like we turn them into God figures where they are different from you and me. They become larger than life and we believe they can do more, achieve more, or that they are better than we are. It’s an “us versus them” mentality that puts “us” down. It’s a lie.

Tips for Successful Posts on LinkedIn’s Pulse

It is ok to repurpose your articles, content, and images, but change up the timing of when you share your repurposed articles on LinkedIn. And by change up the timing I do actually mean wait three to six months before you post that article. Then as you are getting ready to post the repurposed article you have the opportunity to see if you can tie your repurposed article into a current event.