As I am sitting here doing some research on marketing strategies for my book, CONTRACTORS: Doing It Right Not Just Getting It Done (due out Feb. 2010) I realized that this is one topic I have never covered in a blog post. Why? I don’t know, maybe its fear or maybe its ego. Either which way, it’s stupid. So I decided to change that.

Many of you are well informed about the background and purpose of the book but here is the Readers Digest version for those who may not know. Two years ago I got an itch to change my business. I saw more of need and a bigger impact for companies when they understood the connection and relationship between brand and culture. So I could understand the connection better, build my creditability and to see if there was really a need in the market for this type of service, I launched the Brand or Culture: Which Came First project. I interviewed various companies of different sizes and industries and soon discovered a niche. Well I shouldn’t say that, a niche discovered me—construction. I put all other industries on hold and just focused on this one industry. Two years later, I am weeks away from releasing my first book.

On one hand I can see the finish line, it is so close. On the other, it still looks miles away! I have attended many events for authors and talked with many people who have gone through the process. The biggest thing you hear is about how hard it is to write or about having the time to write. Having completed that part of the process, I do have to say that is the easy part! That being said, yes I did learn a lot about how I can make it easier next time around. But generally speaking, writing was the easy part.

While you are writing, it is all about you, your thoughts and your views. No one else’s opinion matters. Where it gets challenging is when you start turning your content over for people to review!

Throughout my writing, I kept the content very close to me. Only a select few saw anything I wrote, though I did talk about it with others. Was this the right thing to do, I don’t know. What I do know is for this book, it was what I needed to do.

Last weekend, I took a huge step. I release my book to about thirty people to review parts of it! This may just sound like a technicality to you, but as a first time author this is TERRIFYING! I don’t think I slept for two days while my nervous attempted to calm down.

I am confident in what I have written, but never have an undertaken such a big project that was intended to be scrutinized by others. These are the emotions that book coaches and other authors know you will have, but won’t talk about. I guess it’s smart, because if they told you about these feelings up front it would probably scare most people out of even attempting to pursue it.

I still have another week to go before all of the feedback arrives. I haven’t figured out if receiving it all at once would be easier than a little at a time. The feedback is trickling in and a bit of nervousness goes through me before I open each email.

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