I had the opportunity to interview Bonin Bough of PepsiCo and Marian Salzman of Porter Novelli about PepTrends and social media in general. Bonin Bough is the Global Director of Digital and Social Media at PepsiCo and Marian Salzman is the CMO at Porter Novelli and one of the top five trendspotters in the world.

#Peptrends was the first known campaign of its kind. “Anything you learn is a great learning,” Bonin comments on the results. “By no means do we have a monopoly on great ideas or great thinking, but it [PepTrends] showed [us] how many people are interested in having open communication with us. I think we will have another peptrends campaign with different topics.”

Marian feels “In the future I think we will all be connected 24/7/365 and the people who do not have that kind of work ethic are going to be left in the dust. I think there is going to be a world of technology ‘haves’ and ‘have not’s’ and that is going to be the new socio-economic crisis. It is not going to be about having the cash; it is going to be about having the access to the kind of energy you need to be on 24/7.”

See the full article here:  http://brandorculture.meldepaoli.com/?p=56

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