What do you need to know about organic reach?

You probably know that paid-reach is when you pay to have your ad or your content put in front of the people you want to reach, organic reach is when you reach these same people without having to pay. It’s kind of like winning the lottery or cheating the system…well, that is how it can feel. Organic reach and paid reach became a part of regular business lingo with Google. In fact, it is still common to hear businesses say “I want to be on the first page of Google”. And Google regularly releases best practice or requirement updates for how they rank and display content.

Banish the Buzzwords Now to Ensure You Stand Out

Do you remember watching the Charlie Brown cartoons? In those cartoons, whenever the teacher would respond to one of the kids, we as the audience would hear “wa wa wa wa wa”. Much like what kids hear (or don’t hear) when their parents or teachers tell them to do...

Tips for Successful Posts on LinkedIn’s Pulse

It is ok to repurpose your articles, content, and images, but change up the timing of when you share your repurposed articles on LinkedIn. And by change up the timing I do actually mean wait three to six months before you post that article. Then as you are getting ready to post the repurposed article you have the opportunity to see if you can tie your repurposed article into a current event.

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