Stand Out, Don’t Blend In

…just like everyone else. We tend to travel in packs, copying what each other are doing hoping that someone will think we are different or we are special…that we are unique from our competition. _____________ That doesn’t make you stand out. In fact, that makes you...

Banish the Buzzwords Now to Ensure You Stand Out

Do you remember watching the Charlie Brown cartoons? In those cartoons, whenever the teacher would respond to one of the kids, we as the audience would hear “wa wa wa wa wa”. Much like what kids hear (or don’t hear) when their parents or teachers tell them to do...

Was Starbucks’ #RaceTogether campaign really a failure?

The purpose of any campaign is to break through the noise of our day to day lives and give our audience a reason to remember our brand. #RaceTogether was not about selling more lattes and Frappuccinos. It was about people connecting and talking with people. It was about breaking through the noise and starting a conversation.

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