Principles of Federal Construction ContractingA good friend of mine, Stan Uhlig just released his book, Principles of Federal Construction Contracting. Having worked with Stan and gotten to know him, I wanted to share this book with you as I know it will be an invaluable resource to you. Stan has spent over 37 years working directly on Federal Government construction contracts and now he wants to help other construction companies learn how to make it profitable.

“It is really hard to find people that truly understand construction and even harder to find people that understand Federal work–Stan is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend Principles of Federal Construction Contracting if you would like to grow your business and be profitable.” Bill Britz, owner

Whether you already do Federal construction work or not, this manual will help your firm will save time, effort, money and frustration. You will understand when a demand must be met and how to deal with it and when a demand is inappropriate and unenforceable.

Federal Government laws and processes are very different from those usually encountered in commercial, state, or local governmental construction. In order for a company to be successful you need to understand these laws and processes. The devil is in the details.

Principles of Federal Construction Contracting has become a great resource for us. Whenever we have a question about a project we are bidding, I know where to find the answer.” Greg Tozer, Operations Manager

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