in my previous post, Thank You for Knowing My Industry I talked about the difference between what clients should know and whose responsibility it is to help them hire you.

Now I want to question how the work is done. Of course you do ‘high quality work’ because everyone does high quality work and that is why clients hire you, they expect high quality for a fair price. (That sounds reasonable to me.)

But what about your local legal requirements? Do you encourage customers to get permits if they are required, or offer to take shortcuts? Shortcuts are not always bad, but if you know a permit is required for the work to be legal, why would you offer, just not mention, or let your customer convince you to do the work illegally?

Yes I know permits and legal restrictions can be a hassle, but they are a necessary evil in your business and they are a huge reason why contractors are the least trusted—even less than used car salesmen! (Revealed by Remodeling Magazine in a survey conducted a few years ago.)

Seriously, to change the industry you need to change how you do business, as well as how your prospects experience you. You have the opportunity with every prospect, then again with every client to set the expectation and to set new standards.

How are you going to change your business or the client’s experience?


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