Meet Melanie DePaoli, MBA

Mel DePaoli, MBA works with companies and organizations to build brands worthy of going viral®.

She has insider knowledge of how culture, branding, and operations intersect to impact your bottom line and influence your community to build loyalty. Her work moves your brand from “just” marketing into the day-to-day operations of your business delivering improved communications, branding initiatives worthy of going viral and stronger community relations that will transform your business.

DePaoli will work with you to build your brand’s personality to improve your use of social media, brand strategy, internal and external communications, and your relationship with your community.

She is an internationally recognized author of three books on culture driven brands. “Contractors: Doing it Right, Not Just Getting it Done” was designed, she says, to help put contractors on the right path as they work to maintain market share and financial viability during the global recession. “Hiring a Contractor” was published for residential construction companies to use as a marketing tool to demonstrate confidence in their work and business to prospects. “Purple Construction” is an article series that address challenges faced by women in a male-dominated industry.

DePaoli earned her Executive MBA at the University of Washington, Foster School of Business. As a powerful national speaker speaking on topics about brand building, customer experience, and social media. She is the founder and president of Omicle LLC, a brand experience firm and Brand or Culture, a publishing company, both based in Duvall, WA.


26935 NE Virginia Street
Duvall, WA 98019




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