I gave this presentation to two different local community groups. The intent was to open the dialog about diversity–what did they think about, what did they know about, and how has it affected them.

Here is the feedback I received:

  • HOLY CRAP! That was stirring and masterful! You handled that with amazing skill and sensitivity. EXCELLENT!
  • Very Engaging!
  • Really good insight! I like that you are courageous and willing to speak about such topics.
  • Great Job—inspiring and heartwarming. Everyone was riveted on your speech! Good job!
  • Difficult Topic! Excellent!
  • You are a talented speaker! Excellent pace and clarity. Thought provoking content.
  • A powerful speech—Thank You for giving us some food for thought. You chose your words very well.
  • Inspiring and moving speech. Very well executed—Great Job!


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