This was the speaking gig referral that I got earlier in the year. The topic was creating a culture of customer service. Like usual, it was not the presentation that the audience was expecting. I took the approach of “what type of customer are you and how does that affect your business?”

I ended up giving the presentation twice in the same day, back to back. It was a half day conference starting with lunch, having two sets of breakout sessions, then a happy hour. The attendees would be able to attend two of the three sessions offered.

The first session I expected the audience to be calm and kind of sleepy since it was right after lunch. Boy was I wrong! They were energized and excited. They really got into the topic and the approach! The second session I had expected the attendees to be lively and be on their caffeine high . . . . Nope, this was the calm and sleepy group. Either way, both presentations went really well and the feedback was top-notch. My session was the talk of the happy hour. I had people come up to me, telling me that they heard amazing things about my session and they wish they had attended it and that they were going to request that I present again at one of their monthly lunches.

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