Are You Making the Mistakes that Put Contractors Out of Business?

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More construction companies fail every year than any other industry! More fail than succeed. Its a hard industry–labor intensive, overhead expensive, controlled by weather, unpredictable, and a market ignorance that just doesn’t know what you know!

Do you know the secret to making your business thrive in all economies?

The secret is your company’s culture! Companies with strong cultures consistently outperform companies without. And recently, a growing number of companies are working hard to raise the bar to create a more respected industry and implement in their own business a focused mission, values and vision.

“If I had been given this book to read and study when I started my
remodeling business, I would be even further along in my business
development. Allow this book to be your coach while building
your business and learn to ‘do it right—not just get it done’!”

Iris Harrell

Founder, Harrell Remodeling

Other Contractors Have Been Where You Are Right Now!

Eight successful construction companies from all over the country are featured in this book. They have revealed their successes and failures so you can create a stellar company that other contractors aspire to be. In “CONTRACTORS: Doing It Right Not Just Getting It Done,” there is real-world advice to help you build a company culture geared for success. Their are secrets of how your branding efforts and your company culture will help you overcome your challenges to achieve your goals.

The construction industry has unique challenges so they need unique solutions!

This book is an easy-read and shows you it is possible to succeed–to thrive! Mel DePaoli interviewed over 30 construction companies nationwide for two years to find specific insights and secrets for success and identify what pitfalls to avoid. And this book reveals them to you!

“Mel DePaoli is an exceptional author and does a great job of explaining
how the culture connects to the brand and vice-a-versa.”

Bill Riggs

Riggs Construction

Inside you will find:

  • 8 featured companies that were at one time where you are right now
  • Common mistakes that undermine your purpose and achievement
  • Learn from others—What are their strengths, their ways of doing things and how they resolve issues so you integrate what you learned into your own company
  • How to prepare your company for the next economic downturn
  • AND, a printable reference list of the highlights of the book…Would you like that now?

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