Learn how to use this workbook to land clients (download the PDF here).

Hiring a Contractor is a great resource that will help homeowners in selecting the right contractor. The action steps are very easy to understand and even explain why each step is important.” James Malinchak, featured on ABC’s TV Show, Secret Millionaire and founder of www.BigMoneySpeaker.com.

Hiring A Contractor is a workbook and resource book that benefits both people looking to hire a contractor and the construction companies who Do it Right. It educates about selecting the contractor, questions and information to request, and resources that a consumer needs to understand to make an informed decision.

Residential construction companies are encouraged to use this as a marketing tool for prospects and it is also available to consumers. If you are interested in bulk orders, contact Mel at mel[at]omicle.com. YES there are steep bulk order discounts!


Hiring A Contractor is Now Available on Amazon!

“Your workbook is way above and beyond normal protocol. You have every damn state in there—nice bit of research there. This is really good information. It is a good simple read and can be finished in an afternoon.” Bob Gross, construction inspector.

“Most people ‘don’t know what they don’t know’ before starting a home improvement project. You may see samples, but you can’t see what the finished product will look like unless you do the things suggested in this workbook. Overall, you did a very thorough job.” Steve Rennekamp, Energy Swing Windows.


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