The week of Christmas I was at a holiday party where I was asked to speak. To have a little holiday fun, I pulled a blog post that I wrote a few years about Santa’s Secret and I modified it into a presentation.

Personally, by the time I was done modifying it, it had nothing to do with the post and it was just a really fun presentation.

The presentation was intended to make light of a serious topic while creating reality out of the imaginary. (Yes I know that sounds impossible.) I was revealing Santa’s real secret—the Santa Protection Program. Guess you will have to stay tuned until next year to find out what the Santa Protection Program is 🙂

Here is the feedback:

  • Love the “Santa protection program” name—Very creative!
  • Very good! I wish I could speak like you and carry myself as well. I love the metaphor that Santa and his elves are among us–that we have the opportunity to create Santa.
  • Very creative. You have a strong speaking foundation—your confidence, poise, eye contact, and interesting content were very entertaining.

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