Building a Relevant Brand in the Digital Era

In a business market where a company’s success is determined by their ability to not only attract, but retain, customers, how do you build loyalty? This presentation looks at how to build loyalty with customers and almost as importantly, employees, by focusing your branding efforts on key factors you have control over allowing you to save money on marketing and increase your desirability in the market.

You will learn:

  • Conquer the identity of your authentic brand
  • Easily fascinate your clients with your brand, and
  • Be remarkable in your simplified marketing

Leveraging LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the greatest tools and social platforms for professional development and business growth. Yet most people are not using LinkedIn to its full potential. From finding your next job to finding your next client, LinkedIn can help, but only if you know how to leverage it.

This presentation reveals the hidden secrets to get you started using LinkedIn effectively today.There is also a two hour workshop option that dives deep into specific features of LinkedIn and shows how to leverage them to build your brand, get in front of your actual target market, and getting the people who you want to know to want to connect with you.

You will learn how to:

  • Build a profile that will engage and interest the people you want to attract
  • Master the best ways to meet influential people, and your next client, and
  • Unlock your authentic professionals credibility on LinkedIn

Mastering the Social Media Experience

The enigma of social media—it’s a part of your marketing strategy, but how do you use it? This presentation focuses on the difference between marketing to your customers verses what the search engines need get on page one and how to bring the two together to integrated social media into your existing marketing strategy and increase your bottom-line.

A workshop version of this presentation is also available to help train your employees about the specific tools, their use, and how it supports your organization’s social media efforts. The workshop will cover up to two social media tools per presentation day and each tool requires two hours.

You will learn:

  • New ideas to implement immediately to produce powerful results
  • Simplified best social media practices that are easy to implement
  • How to integrate social media with ‘traditional’ marketing efforts
  • The latest research about social media and what it means for you

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