Seattle, WA—Melanie DePaoli, author of Amazon top selling book, CONTRACTORS: Doing it Right Not Just Getting it Done is about to do it again! Due the success and feedback from the first edition she is currently working on an expanded edition which will focus on challenges unique to the commercial construction industry.

She is looking for non-residential construction companies who would like to be interviewed and potentially featured in the book. Like the first edition, the companies will go through a detailed interview process and complete an employee survey. In order to be considered, companies must meet the following criteria:

  • Have been in business a minimum of 10 years
  • Have a minimum of $5 million in revenue,
  • Have a minimum of 15 full-time employees (subs and contract employees do not count), and
  • Must do commercial work—No residential companies!

For companies who meet the criteria and are ready to participate, fill out this form or you can learn more on the Contractors Doing it Right website. Companies will be interviewed  throughout 2011 and the book is expected to be released late 2012.

The second edition will focus on challenges this industry faces and how they affect the company’s brand, like, working with unions, bid day, and commercial construction marketing. “I am excited to release another book that will be able to target specific challenges the commercial industry faces.” DePaoli says.

Book Interview Praise

“The interview process was both enjoyable and educational. Mel was very easy to talk with and some of her questions gave me food for thought.”  Tom Riggs of Riggs Construction

“For me, this interview was very thought provoking. I was asked to explain the daily activities we all take part in, how we go about our tasks and moreover – what drives us. The process of articulating the mind-set and objectives we share required me to critically examine what we’ve got as a whole. I’ve walked away with a profound sense of gratitude for the owner of the company and what he’s created, and also an appreciation for the people I work with and the work ethic and vision we share. It truly is teamwork because we’re all in it for the same reason.” Yvette Lansdowne of Marrokal Construction

About Mel DePaoli & Omicle LLC

Mel DePaoli is an expert in innovative branding strategies and is the founder of culture and branding firm, Omicle, LLC, based in Bothell, Washington. Omicle helps companies create sustainable success from understanding how the best people, the right processes, the newest technology, and good clients influence each other. Omicle specializes in working with companies in the construction industry who have 15+ employees. For more information, call 425.440.1099, email mel[at], or visit

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