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It’s time that you become the industry leader that you know you are. It’s time you stop wasting time and money on social media and start producing reliable and consistent results.

Meet Mel DePaoli, MBA

I work with businesses to build their brand online and off. I transform the way B2B brands communicate with their target audiences and help them better leverage and spend less time on social media.

My clients describe me as edgy, flexible, fun to work with, and engaging. They have won awards like “Best Place to Work” and “Most Innovative” and have been featured in national magazines as a result of our work together.

I do it better than anyone else in the world because of my proven process of mastering the science of communicating for technology and the art of communicating with people.

I have a deep understanding of social behavior, what creates conversions, and SEO.

We specialize in working with high growth influencers, professional service providers, technology companies, and big brands.

Our expertise is the psychology behind brand-building and customer experience whether that is through our fully managed private client work, our coaching sessions, our intensive training or keynote speaking.

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Branding and Marketing Prowess

“I highly recommend Mel for her expertise in marketing, branding, communication strategy, and social media prowess. She is responsive, flexible, adaptable, understanding, engaging, and provided our senior leadership team with insights that were profound and impactful from the onset. We built a thorough structure for taking our raw data and turning it into well-communicated brand messaging and provided us a clear direction within our market.”

Michael Delamere, President, Premier Risk Solutions

Exceeds Expectations

“Mel exceeded my expectations. She is extremely knowledgeable about branding and marketing. She’s a strategic and skillful coach. Each coaching session was designed to designed to ensure she exceeded my expectations.  As a result of this collaboration, our website traffic has exploded and we now have a solid social media platform. Thank you, Mel!”

Chandra Williams, Ed.D. CEO, Center for Student Achievement Solutions

Enthusiasm. Energy. Attitude.

“Mel delivered a knockout talk. Although her session was one of the last ones on the agenda, it was standing room only, and throngs of people were turned away. She could have easily filled up space twice or three times as large as the one she had. I left wanting to know more from her, and I know you will too!”

Dr. Bruce Weinstein, The Ethics Guy

Most Impressive Brand Strategist Ever

“Mel is the real deal. She is one of the most impressive brand strategists that I have ever met. Let me explain why. A veteran in her industry with a keen eye and an insightful ability to help focus on the values and benefits of the people and the brands associated with them. A professional who is also incredibly personable, fun and genuine. I’m glad to be working with Mel and would recommend her without hesitation.”

Lisa Patrick, Founder, and CEO, XTRAcredits

Unmatched Talent

“Mel’s talent is unmatched. I rebuilt my entire program to better produce tangible outcomes for my clients. We rebuilt everything from the philosophy, brand, to my website. Mel is a true professional, intuitive and thoughtful. I highly recommend her.”

Bill Cooper, Principle Consultant, Accelerate Your Results


82% of investors believe that brand strength and name recognition are becoming more important in guiding them in their investment decisions.(Reuters)


65% of smartphone users agree that when conducting a search on their smartphones, they look for the most relevant information regardless of the company providing the information. (Google, 2015)


74% of people online say they use Facebook for professional purposes. (HubSpot, 2017)


Emotionally connected customers can be 50% more valuable on average. Interest, trust and optimism are the biggest emotional brand connections. (Harvard Business Review)


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